The Center for

Energy Education

The Center for Energy Education (C4EE) is a 501c3 non-profit corporation established to provide renewable energy research, education and workforce development. The Center’s mission is to raise awareness of and involvement in the thriving renewable energy industry in North Carolina and surrounding areas.

Geenex sees the future of renewables as dependent on community support and constant innovation. Through the C4EE, the local community will gain educational opportunities that will foster a understanding of green energy resources and create a pathway into employment in the renewables sector. 

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Geenex vision

Successful solar projects
are of benefit to all
members of the community

The Center for Energy Education is under construction just off US Highway 158 near Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. The 5,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility overlooks a 20 MW solar farm developed by Geenex Solar and now owned and operated by Duke Energy Renewables.   

«Our experience with Geenex has been extremely positive. Their solar projects are stimulating new investment and job creation.»

– Tony Brown, Halifax County Manager